Digital Full Body Radiology:

With state of the art radiology at our doctors’ finger tips, they can know quickly what your fur baby’s problem may be. Our Digital Full Body radiology unit allows the doctors to get ultra-high quality images. This also allows our doctors to easily send radiographs to specialists, or to email you a digital copy.

Digital Dental Radiology:

With state of the art digital dental radiology at our doctors’ finger tips, they have the ability to know quickly where the problems are in your pets’ mouth.

Often a prophylactic cleaning alone won’t tell you where an abscess is brewing. However, with digital radiographs on every tooth the doctor can see below the gum line and help prevent future pain and discomfort. It allows our doctors to find hidden problems that otherwise would go unnoticed.

In-House Laboratory:

We offer onsite diagnostic care in our state of the art facility. For most standard tests we will have results at the time of your appointment. Our IDEXX in-clinic veterinary testing equipment use the latest technology and allow our doctors to provide medical care and advice quickly. This allows our doctors to practice medicine more efficiently. Our IDEXX Laboratory equipment runs Chemistries, Complete Blood Counts, and Thyroid levels to mention a few.

Automatically Recorded Patient Monitoring:

While your best friend is under anesthesia the most important thing we can do is monitor their vital signs. Here at Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care each patient that goes under general anesthesia is monitored 2 different ways.

The first is by a state of the art veterinary specific monitor, this monitor gives us continuous readings of the following:


Blood Pressure


Internal Temperature



This machine directly inputs all data into the patients’ medical record. This allows the second way; our technicians to solely monitor with their eyes, ears, and hands on the patient under anesthesia.


Without performing surgery, ultrasound may provide our veterinarians with in-depth, accurate information about what is happening with your pet’s interior organs, tissues, and structures. Then our doctors can suggest a focused and successful therapy for your pet after analyzing this data.