Our team brings wisdom and experience to our exceptional veterinary facility, located in Eugene’s beautiful Crescent Village.

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Wellness Care
Advanced Dentistry
Integrated Care
Veterinarian in Eugene, OR

Veterinarian in Eugene, OR

A full range of traditional veterinary services

Such as lifestyle assessment to determine the best vaccination protection, surgical procedures, comprehensive dental health assessment and treatments, and nutritional assessment and counseling.

Advanced Dentistry

In addition to the routine pet dental care we offer, we also provide advanced dentistry services. This includes sealing and bonding, bone grafting, complete restorations, orthodontics, root canal therapy, and more!

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Cat and Dog Dentist

Our veterinary clinic offers pet dentistry services with a focus on the care for current oral health issues including bad breath, tooth removal, and soft tissue exams. All dental exams and cleanings occur under general anesthesia. By focusing on prevention and by healing existing dental health issues, we help your pet enjoy a healthier life. Better dental health means better overall health for your dog or cat.

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Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care has vets and staff that specialize in acupuncture for dogs and cats. As a stand-alone therapy or when we pair it with modern care, acupuncture helps pets to heal faster and thrive. Our acupuncture services set apart our veterinary Eugene clinic from many others in the area. Check out all of our services and find the ones that work best for your pet.

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Neutering and Spaying

Pet neutering and spaying services help to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens. Altering your pet also helps to control other issues, such as aggression and can prevent some forms of cancer.

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Cat and Dog Vaccinations

As your first stop Eugene vet we offer a full-service vaccination service that helps keep your pet healthy and thriving. Vaccines help to prevent many diseases and illness that can cause pets to have a lower quality of life. Preventing disease is the most economical way to keep your pet healthy and enjoying life.

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We are open to discussing any alternative treatments you feel may help your pet. We love hearing about new ways to enhance our pets’ lives.

Preventive Medicine Backed by Experience

At Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care, we focus on preventive medicine through regular visits with our doctor. Catching health concerns early means many diseases can be avoided, cured, or controlled.

Our team has considerable expertise and many years of experience treating and caring for cherished dogs & cats.


It’s simple. It’s about everyone on our team coming in everyday and giving our clients and patients their very best. Our veterinarians are unmatched and our team is valued, trained, and passionate. Our facility is contemporary, inviting, and surrounded by a lovely urban village.

It is through local ownership and our consistency in maintaining the highest standards in treatment and care that we are able to provide an unsurpassed experience at Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care.


M. S.

Andria and every member of this team are FABULOUS! I’ve been using their services for about 2 years and have always found them to be...

Karleigh B.

We just moved to Eugene from the East Coast about a month ago and Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care was recommended to us by a friend. Our dog woke...

Angelica M.

Exceptionally friendly and caring staff. We take our two dogs here and until recently brought our 16 yr old cat for care here as well (they recently...

Mary K.

I am relatively new to Eugene and after a very unhappy vet experience, I talked with neighbors and was given a recommendation for Pawsitive Wellness...