Holistic Pet Care in Eugene, OR

Holistic veterinary medicine is a way to enhance your pet’s healthcare through the use of non-invasive tools and techniques that involve little to no side effects. At Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care in Eugene, we offer acupuncture, nutritional counseling and other methods that can contribute to and improve your pet’s health. If you’re interested in holistic pet care for your dog or cat, call us at (541) 515-6789 to schedule an appointment.

Holistic Pet Care in Eugene, OR

What is Holistic Pet Care?

Pharmaceutical treatments for pets often involve short-term and long-term side effects that can cause additional problems. These methods often treat the symptoms of an ailment, but not the underlying cause. A holistic practitioner will use proven treatment methods that are a combination of ancient techniques like acupuncture for dogs and cats, combined with modern, non-invasive technological treatments.

Although some of the ancient treatments vary from Western medicine, they are not meant as a replacement. At our animal hospital in Eugene, we strive to use every available tool to help your pet heal and live a happy, healthy life. Holistic modalities are just one more standard of care that we offer for all of our patients.

Acupuncture for Dogs & Cats in Eugene

Acupuncture is a form of holistic veterinary medicine that originated thousands of years ago in China. The treatment has been refined over the centuries, and is effective for the relief of chronic pain and conditions in pets. It takes many years to learn and master the techniques of acupuncture for pets. Acupuncture is now recognized as a safe and effective method of treatment. An acupuncture appointment at Pawsitive Wellness Veterinary Care can usually take 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Pet Nutrition for Enhanced Health

Holistic pet care involves taking a close look at your pet’s diet to help manage or prevent common problems. For example, many dogs and cats are being diagnosed with conditions like kidney and bladder stones these days. These problems almost entirely stem from a pet’s diet. We can perform a blood panel on your pet to determine whether their diet is contributing to a health problem due to nutritional deficiencies that can be corrected through better food. Many pet foods don’t contain the proper ingredients for a healthy dog or cat. We can recommend changes that will help treat diagnosed problems, or prevent future problems.

Eugene, OR Holistic Pet Care

Contact Us for Holistic Animal Care

We offer pet parents the best possible care and treatment for their companion animals that is available — whether that means relying on modern tools of Western medicine or ancient practices of holistic medicine. If you have questions about holistic pet care in Eugene, or if your pet’s health is struggling in any way, contact us at (541) 515-6789 to schedule an exam appointment.